In-Home or At the Gym? Deciding on the Workout Location Best for You

Are you trying to decide whether to exercise at a gym or at home? Each has their pros and cons but deciding on a in-home workout location should mainly be for the convenience and motivation created by being at home. Look at the handful of points below and let them help you decide if in-home workouts are for you.

Pros of In-Home Exercising:

1. Training can be done any time that is convenient for you and can be done with or without clothes!

2. There is no driving to and from, so an effective workout program can be achieved in under 30 mins.

3. Not much space is required for an in-home gym and it’s inexpensive to build.

4. Bands, free weights and balls are more likely to be used – they in turn rev up the fat and calories being burnt.

5. You can afford to buy a variety of workout material, in the form of DVD’s, mp3’s, online material, books, etc. with the money you’re saving from not having gym fees.

6. According to research that has been done, you’re going to be more likely to stay with your exercising when your schedule changes i.e. vacationing, traveling for business or other events causing stress.

7. You won’t have to be comparing yourself to the serious body builders or barely clad Barbie dolls, nor deal with the pervs who seem to be around just to annoy and irritate people there to workout and get fit.

8. The opportunity is open to take different studio classes like pilates, kickboxing or bootcamp since you’re not paying a membership fee at a gym.

Cons of In-Home Exercising:

1. Your workout can become longer yet less effective due to a long list of distractions like children, pets, spouse, television, etc.

2. In-home strength and cardio equipment quality is not close to that of commercial gym equipment.

3. Don’t have the ‘energy’ or encouragement from others you’ll find in a gym nor the camaraderie that comes from meeting people at the gym.

4. You might tend to slack off and not push yourself as much as you would in a gym environment.

5. There may not be enough space for workouts in your apartment or house.

6. If you opt for a personal trainer, the charge will probably be almost double for them to come to your home versus working with them in a gym.

Source by Weston Toth

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